Three Phase Induction Motor

  • Type: Induction Motor
  • Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed (TEFC)
  • Output Power: 0.75kw-315kw
  • Cast-iron frames or Die-cast Aluminum
  • 18-month guarantee
  • Brand Name: Hordu or OEM
  • Certification: CCC, CE, ISO9001
  • Mounting: B3/B5/B35/B34/B14
  • Speed: 2 poles, 4 poles, 6 poles, 8 poles.
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Related Voltage: 220V,380V, 410V

Hordu is and expert three phase induction motors manufacturers of  China.

Hordu has specialized in manufacturing three phase induction motors, single phase induction motors and explosion proof induction motors for more than 19 years.

Three phase induction motors are also called three-phase asynchronous motors.

A three-phase induction motor is a squirrel cage and totally enclosed fan cooling structure; it’s an electric drive that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It consists mainly of the stator, rotor and the air gap between them. After the stator winding is connected to the three-phase AC power source, a rotating magnetic field is generated, and the rotor is cut to obtain torque.

Hordu three-phase induction motors use 100% copper winding, cold rolled steel stator, high-quality rotor, qualified bearings.

B5 Three-phase-electric-Motor

B5 Three Phase Induction Motor

TypeRated PowerRated CurrentRated SpeedEfficiencyPower FactorLocked-rotor torqueNoise
kwHP(A)(r/min)η(%)(cosΦ)dB (A)
380V 50Hz Three Phase Induction Motor RPM 3000r/min(2 Poles)
380V 50Hz Three Phase Induction Motor RPM 1500r/min(4 Poles)
380V 50Hz Three Phase Induction Motor RPM 1000r/min(6 Poles)
Three phase induction motor(Copper Winding) Price list
Rated Power kw                 HPModel2 Poles FOB PriceModel4 Poles FOB PriceModel6 Poles FOB Price
 Note: The three phase induction motor prices listed in the table are just for your reference, they may be different from the selling price. Feel free to contact us get the latest price list.

3 Phase Induction Motor Applications And Industries



Aggregate & CementCompressors
Air HandlingPumps
Chemical, Oil, & GasFans
Food, Beverage, & PharmaceuticalConveyors
Paper & ForestMaterial Handling
Unit & Baggage HandlingMachine Tool

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case

Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

packing and shipping

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Hordu Three Phase Induction Motor: The Complete Guide 2019

Are you looking for a three phase induction motor for your company?

Or are you new in the electric motor trading, or Aggregate, Cement, Chemical, Oil, Gas Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and etc?

Do you want to know information about a three-phase induction motor?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

This guide has everything you need to know about three phase induction motor.

It covers the basic terms of a three phase electric motor, parts, how it works, its nameplate and its main applications.

By the end of this guide, you will be an expert in 3 phase induction motor.

What is a 3 phase induction motor?

3 phases induction motor is a kind of AC motor.

As the name suggests, it is an induction motor which connects with an AC 3-phase power supply called 3 phase induction motor.

3 phase induction motors are of two types, three phase squirrel cage induction motor and 3 phase slip ring induction motor.

Three phase squirrel cage Induction motors are self-starting, easy operation, stable and economical.

For the scope of our discussion here, you will go for three-phase induction motor looks like.

It looks like this – please watch the video below.

A high efficiency 3 phase induction motor helps us to make work efficiently.

For instance, your car helps you travel far.

A high-efficiency three-phase induction motor, on the other hand, helps you drive a machine or equipment like compressor, Centrifugal pump, gear reducer efficiently and save labor cost!

Below, you can see a picture of the cold-rolled steel sheet coil  (the raw material of electric motor stator). Cold Rolled steel sheet Coil

cold-rolled steel sheet coil – Raw Material of three phase induction motor stator sheet.

Parts of a three phase induction motor

Just a quick reminder: A 3 phase induction motor is made up of 3 main parts which matter a lot to quality.

For instance, the stator, the Frame, the rotor.

As we know Hordu induction motors are used squirrel cage structure rotors, So, it’s appropriate to call it a 3 phase squirrel case induction motor.

Next, I’ll want to show you a video of the production line of our factory’s workshop for stators, frame, and rotor.

Then we can look at how to choose a correct three-phase induction motor for your machines:

The efficiency of three phase induction motor

Hordu manufactures and sells high efficiently Induction Motor across many countries over the world. Like: IEC, AS/NZS, China GB and etc.

“ As test standards, efficiency levels and certification schemes vary from country to country, manufacturers initiated the IECEE Global Motor Energy Efficiency Programme (GMEE): The goal of the program is to have one recognized test method (IEC 60034-2-1), one test report format, one efficiency classification (IEC 60034-30-1), one certification process and one label for electric motors in all participating countries. The focus on motor efficiency has shifted from the product “motor” to the “Motor Driven Unit” which is the system consisting of the motor control with a variable frequency drive, the motor itself, the mechanical equipment and the driven application (pump, fan, compressor, etc.).

Below is A picture of green rate/efficiency regulations for electric motor all over the world. green rate effiency regulations of 3 phase induction motor

green rate/efficiency regulations of 3 phase induction motor

Why is important to know and understand the local efficiency regulations of an induction motor?

  1. Understand the needs of OEMs and end customers;
  2. Provide technical support for efficiency regulations by providing the right support, and gain the trust of customers
  3. Avoid violation efficiency levels at the end of the sales process;
  4. Find the balance between inventory and motor flexibility;
  5. Understand and be prepared to react during the efficiency level transition with the correct motor inventory and avoid outdated motor inventory.

Next, I’ll want to show you a video of Efficiency of the electric motor,  Then you’ll be the expert.

Advantages of three phase induction motor

  1. Lack of common wear parts
  2. Long life with low maintenance
  3. Maintain speed over a wide range of torque
  4. Low starting current, even self-starting
  5. Gearbox compatibility
  6. Speed control compatibility.
  7. Good speed regulation
  8. Cheaper than brushless DC motors
  9. Higher starting Torque
  10. Potential for higher or lower speeds

Y2-112M-4 induction motor

Y2-112M-4 induction motor

How to choose a correct three-phase induction motor?

This chapter will discuss important application criteria covers application constraints and three phase induction motor performance.

The criterion we share is important to the three-phase induction motor selection process.

And is typically unique to each application (Compressors, pumps, fans, conveyors, material handling, machine tools and etc. ).

Looking to optimize the ac induction motor in your application, you can devote special attention to the rating and operating characteristics of 3 phase induction motor design. Hordu-Checklist-for-choosen

Hordu Checklist for choosing the right motor

This is why we encourage you to map out and prioritize your application criteria before you begin the selection and customization process.

Now, let’s start to a checklist of how to choose a correct motor,

  1. You need to know what the available voltage frequency and current limits are. when considering current you should also look at efficiency current.
  2. let’stalk about some environmental constraints, specifically particle ingress and temperature.

you may need to think about a motor with special construction.

Our ingress protection (IP for short ) chart and temperature class rating charts may help.

Firstly, it’s ingress protection chart and examples: Hordu-Ingress-Protetion-IP_rating

Hordu Ingress Protection IP Rating and example

Insulation ClassAverage Winding Temperature RiseHot Spot Temperature RiseMaximum Winding Temperature
A55 ℃65 ℃105 ℃
B80 ℃110 ℃150 ℃
F115 ℃145 ℃180 ℃
N130 ℃160 ℃200 ℃
H150 ℃180 ℃220 ℃
Note: the maximum acceptable temperature rise based on an average ambient of 30 ℃ during any 24 hour period and a maximum ambient of 40 ℃ at any time.

What is meant of insulation class?

  1. it seems obvious but we like to remind you always consider the maximum size and weight of motor
  2. let’s take a quick look at a side topic noise, you want to consider about loudness and other features of noise.
  3. the motor performance variable, in other words, what do you want the motor to do.

we’ve broken this down into three parameters speed and torque starter stall torque and duty cycle.

it’s important to note that these parameters are codependent upon each other you should always look at them together to determine the best electric motor for your application.

  1. let’s quickly discuss the elephants in the room, price, quality, and delivery. we all know how important these factors are.

we chose to focus on selecting the best motor for an overall performance standpoint from our experience.

It’s best to review the issues of price quality and delivery early in the design process and then to revisit them in depth during the vendor selection process.

While these may not be the only pieces of the puzzle.

Our decades of experience assures you that you can cover the majority of application criteria by following Hordu checklist.

Three phases induction motor Care and Maintenance

In order to ensure the normal operation of the induction motor and extend the life of it,  we must regularly maintain the motor.

But how do you regularly maintain the 3 phase induction motor or a single phase electric motor?

What is the significance of regular maintenance of the motor?

let’s start with the new chapter three-phase induction motor Care and Maintenance.

In general, minor maintenance is performed once a month and comprehensive maintenance is performed once a year.

  1. Minor motor maintenance items are:

1.1. Remove dust and attached dirt from the motor surface;

1.2. Clean the mesh of the motor hood to keep the air inlet and outlet open unobstructed;

1.3. Measure the insulation resistance of the motor.

  1. The comprehensive maintenance project of the motor has:

2.1. All items of small motor maintenance;

2.2 Replace the damaged bearing;

2.3. Keep stator clean and free of oil;

2.4. Cleaning or replacement of other parts of the motor.

The meaning of regular maintenance of the motor:

  1. Ensure the normal operation of the motor
  2. Extend the service life of the motor
  3. Better protection of the safety of the people around the motor

three phase induction motor maintenance

three phase induction motor maintenance

How to Custom Your own three phase induction motor?

  1. The customer chooses a type of induction motor.
  2. Email your logo, color code along with the types of induction motor you’ve selected.or just tell us your idea and then we will make the design for you.

We’ll quote you the best price and email induction motor nameplate and color with your requirement.

Once you confirmed and submit your deposit.

Hordu will begin to produce your induction motor and ship it to you! Custom your induction motor

Custom your induction motor

2019 Pantone Color Code For Reference

2019 Pantone Color Code For Reference


Now that you’ve learned about the three phase induction motor, you may still have doubts if we were the right supplier for you.

Yes, We are… And the best way to know this is to get in touch with Tony, the Manager at HORDU.

Send him pictures of what induction motor products you want to for your applications.

We have been in the business for many years, and we’ll be able to send a quote right away.

We can also arrange for you to visit our factory and see the machines for yourself.

There are more reasons to trust HORDU as your trusted supplier for induction motor.

Knowledgeable and experienced We’ve been in the business for more than 10 years, and over this time period, we have garnered experience in the many fields by matching highly-efficient machines, installing them for our customers and providing technical support.

Excellent after sale support

After you buy the best electric motor in China from Hordu, that’s when the real work starts.

We’ll send our engineer to help you install it if you need.

The engineer will also provide free formula support so your application can start work as soon as possible.

Fast delivery

After you sign a contract for the purchase of the 3 phase induction motor, give us 7-30 working days to ship the induction motor to you.

And if the motors you required are in stock, we can shorten the delivery time.

If you have more questions about our ac induction motor, single phase induction motor or explosion proof induction motor, send your inquiries and we’ll respond professionally and speedily.