Single Phase Electric Motor

  • Suitable for mounting in any position
  • sealed bearings
  • Double valued single phase electric motor
  • Die cast Aluminum or cast-iron frames, and gasketed conduit boxes
  • 18 month warranty
  • CCC, CE, IEC certificated

Hordu has been manufacturing single phase electric motors, three phase electric motors for over 19 years, and has the export experience to export different industry motors to more than 20 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Brazil, and Bangladesh, etc.

Hordu single phase electric motor is an electric motor that operates with single-phase power.

It refers to a form of electric energy transmission consisting of a phase line (commonly known as a hotline) and a neutral line.

If necessary, a third line (ground) is used to prevent electric shock.

Single-phase electricity is typically 220V, 120V, 100V or 230V in different countries and powering basic construction equipment such as power tools and portable lighting in non-industrial production and household.



Aggregate & CementCompressors
Air HandlingPumps
Chemical, Oil, & GasFans
Food, Beverage, & PharmaceuticalConveyors
Paper & ForestMaterial Handling
Unit & Baggage HandlingMachine Tool

Hordu Single Phase Electric Motor Price List

Single phase electric motor(Copper Winding)
Products NameRated Power
KW            HP
PricePole NumberEnclosure TypeFrameRPM
ML711-20.370.5$28.802 polesTEFC712810
ML712-20.550.75$32.502 polesTEFC712810
ML801-20.751$38.802 polesTEFC802810
ML802-21.11.5$42.902 polesTEFC802810
ML90S-21.52$59.802 polesTEFC90S2830
ML90L-22.23$63.502 polesTEFC90L2830
M100L1-234$73.502 polesTEFC100L2870
ML112M-23.75$99.902 polesTEFC112M2870
ML711-40.250.33$29.104 polesTEFC711430
ML712-40.370.5$33.204 polesTEFC711430
ML801-40.550.75$39.004 polesTEFC801430
ML802-40.751$43.004 polesTEFC801450
ML90S-41.11.5$60.004 polesTEFC90S1450
ML90L-41.52$65.804 polesTEFC90L1450
ML100L1-42.23$89.804 polesTEFC100L1450
ML100L2-434$98.704 polesTEFC100L1450
ML112M-43.57$105.004 polesTEFC112M1450
 Note: The single phase electric motor prices listed in the table are just for your reference, they may be different with the selling price.
TYPERated power
KW        HP
Rated Current
Rated SpeedEfficiency
Power Factor
Starting Current

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case

Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

packing and shipping

Hordu Industry Motor: The Complete Guide

The operation of 1-phase power is very similar to that of 3-phase power, except the 1-phase power is supplied on a single power supply.

Therefore, a three-phase electric motor can self-start and generate a rotating magnetic field by itself while a single phase electric motor requires a capacitor to start and generate a magnetic field.

Three-phase AC motors are common in industrial manufacturing applications.

However, single-phase motors are used in a wide range of both daily and industrial applications.

Also in household appliances such as corn machines, washing machines, mixers, dryers, etc.

The motors are built for commercial use such as for fans, swimming pool pumps and cranes, conveyor belts and other equipment and components.

Since Hordu single phase electric motors cannot generate a rotating magnetic field by themselves, they require an external power source to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy efficiently.

Capacitors and auxiliary windings are common external power sources for starting the single phase electric motors. The other is a starting capacitor, a running capacitor as an external power source.

When an AC current is applied to the single-phase motor through an external power source, a magnetic field is generated by the combination of the start winding and the running winding.

The starting winding, which has a higher current generates a stronger magnetic field and drives the single-phase electric motor to start running.

When the motor reaches its approximate 80% rated speed (2 poles= 3000RPM, 4 poles= 1500RPM), it produces a sufficiently strong rotating magnetic field, and the single-phase motor can run itself without an external power supply.

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