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Hordu is a premier induction motors manufacturer for over ten years.

Hordu induction motors are successfully used in a wide range of fields, such as cement, oil, paper, steel or other industries.

You can say, Hordu induction motors are maximum reliability to smooth drive of any machines and systems.

Hordu Induction motors also known as asynchronous motors in the IEC standard, that is a kind of AC motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It was invented in 1885 by Italian physicist and electrical engineer Ferraris.

The types of Hordu Induction motors are three phases induction motor, single phase induction motor,  explosion proof induction motor and IEC induction motor. There are all have high operating efficiency and best working characteristics, and they are close to constant speed operation from no-load to a full-load range, which can meet the transmission requirements of most industrial and agricultural production machinery.

Hordu uses the CCC, GOST, and IEC compliant accessories that guarantee particularly high efficiency, compact, robust induction motors.

Hordu Motor is a professional AC electric motor and induction motor supplier in China. We are proud of our electric motor’s quality and service, if you are looking for induction motor, you’ve come to the right place, Hordu will exceed your expectations in price, quality, and delivery.

Induction Motor Applications And Industries



Aggregate & CementCompressors
Air HandlingPumps
Chemical, Oil, & GasFans
Food, Beverage, & PharmaceuticalConveyors
Paper & ForestMaterial Handling
Unit & Baggage HandlingMachine Tool

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case

Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

packing and shipping

Hordu induction motors can 24 hours continuously working with the toughest conditions.

We assure you that our induction motors are highly efficient, reliability and long product life for your industrial equipment.

Hordu provides the full support for induction motor installation, induction motor OEM production, induction motor spare parts, and even induction motor shipping. Considerate and thoughtful sales staff, patient and meticulous after-sales, experienced and skilled engineers made hordu’s glory.

We are confident that we can offer you an attractive, suitable suggestion.

For example, It is difficult for users to define the correct level of protection for a particular industrial application in their field.

As a manufacturer of induction motors, we specialize in providing advice and providing the best drive solution according to your requirements.

Hordu manufacturer high-efficiency induction motors, aluminum induction motors, single phase motors, braking motors, gost standard induction motors.

These induction motors are from 0.25KW up to 500KW meet the needs of different production equipment in different industries, let you complete the purchase in one stop.

Hordu Induction Motor is available in both cast iron and aluminum case which band for harsh applications.

Hordu not only make 3 phase induction motors for you, but we also do technical support for you if you are facing any problem in your plant, such as spare parts damaged, but motor also doesn’t run, overheating, we can help you solve all these problems, our powerful engineer teams serve you 7*24*365.

Hordu has over 10 years of induction motor manufacturing experience to support your business.

Let our robust, efficient and durable induction motors improve the production level or importing business.

Best Selling Induction Motor(Copper Winding) Price list
Rated Power kw         HPModel2 Poles FOB PriceModel4 Poles FOB PriceModel6 Poles FOB Price
 Note: The induction motor prices listed in the table are just for your reference, they may be different from the selling price. Feel free to contact us get the latest price list
TYPERated PowerRated Current(A)Rated SpeedEfficiencyPower FactorNoise (A)
Synchronous Speed 3000 R/min(2Poles)
Synchronous Speed 1500 R/min(4Poles)
Synchronous Speed 1000 R/min(6Poles)
Synchronous Speed 750 R/min(8Poles)
380V 50HZ Synchronous Speed 600R/min(10Poles)

Hordu Y2 induction motor installation

Hordu Y2 induction motor installation dimensional drawing

Y2 Induction Motor Mounting dimensions
Y2 Induction Motor Overall Dimensions
FrameSizepoles Flange holesABACADBBHDLDH

What Hordu Motor can do for you?

Hordu has very rich experience in producing all kinds of induction motor and electric motor as per your requirements, if you do not have ideas for your plant, we will make cases for your reference.

Hordu induction motors are qualified, as we have 12 months guarantee for the whole set and 18-month guarantee for main parts, such as bearing, stator, and rotor.

Hordu not only make electric motors for you, but we also do technical support for you if you are facing any problem with the electric production lines in your plant right now, such as spare parts damaged, but we can also help you solve all these problems, as we have powerful engineer teams to serve you.

If you are facing above headache, please feel free contact us now!

Induction motor – The Ultimate Guide 2019

If you’re in the compressor, pumps, fans, conveyors, material handling, machine tool applications, then most definitely, you need an induction motor. It provides an effective way of power to drive this equipment.

More importantly, going for a continuous duty working will increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. But, how can you choose the most reliable, and the high-quality induction motor that meets all safety standards? Well, let’s find out.

What is an induction motor?

Induction motor an AC electric motor, It is a device that places a rotor in a rotating magnetic field and obtains a rotational moment under the action of a rotating magnetic field, thereby rotating the rotor.

An induction motor can, therefore, be made without electrical connections to the rotor.

The rotor is like a squirrel cage, also called a squirrel cage motor. The induction motor invented in 1887 by electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

Hordu three induction motors

How does the induction motor work?

In short, electromagnetic induction produces a rotating magnetic field that drives the rotor of the induction motor to rotate.

The induction motor rotates to drive the pulverize, centrifugal pump, reducer, mixer, air compressor, and other equipment.

Thereby achieving energy conversion. It’s really simple and easy to understand, the question then comes up: How do you find and learn more about the working principle of an induction motor?

Can induction motor run at synchronous speed?

The induction motor always runs at a speed lower or higher than synchronous speed.

In other words, the induction motor can not run at synchronous speed, that’s why we also called it Asynchronous Motors.

Synchronous speed means the speed of the rotating magnetic field in the stator. how_does_an_induction_motor_work

Induction motor working principle diagram

What are the types of an induction motor?

Depending on the type of input voltage, there are typically two types of induction motors –

  1. Single phase induction motors
  2. Three phase Electric motors

hordu single phase induction motor

single phase induction motor

Y2-80M three phase induction motorHordu Three phase induction motor

We can also divide according to the rotor type –

  1. squirrel cage induction motor
  2. slip ring induction motor or a wound-rotor induction motor

What are the parts of an induction motor?

The induction motor has three main parts, the rotor, the stator, and the outer casing.

The stator and rotor complete the work and the outer casing protect the rotor and stator.

Induction Motor Stator:

  1. The stator is the stationary part of the induction motor or generator. It consists of three parts: the stator core, the stator winding, and the base.

1.1 Stator core: It is the magnetic circuit part of the motor and is fixed inside the base. The stator core is laminated with a 0.35-0.5 mm silicon steel sheet, and the silicon steel sheet is coated with an insulating varnish. It can effectively reduce eddy current loss and hysteresis loss.

  1. Stator winding: It is the circuit part of the motor, and the coil of the insulated wire is inserted into the slot of the stator core. The stator windings are directly connected to the power source, and each set of coils becomes an electromagnet with the surrounding steel core, generating a rotating magnetic field. Electromagnetic induction is the basic principle of induction motor operation.

Depending on the shape of the coil winding and the way in which the coil is wound, the stator windings of an induction motor are usually of two types:

  1. Centralized winding, simple to produce, but low efficiency and poor running performance.
  2. Distributed winding, the stator of the distributed winding has no convex poles, each pole is regularly embedded and wired by one or several coils, and the magnetic poles of different polarities are generated after being energized, so it is also called hidden pole winding.

AC motors usually use distributed windings. Finished spare induction motor stator workshop

Finished spare induction motor stator workshop

100% copper winding induction motor stator

100% copper winding induction motor stator

Induction Motor Frame

there are 2 types of induction motor apart with frame material, cast iron induction motors and aluminum electric ac motors.

The outer casing consists of a frame and front and rear end caps.

The stator is mounted within the frame and the rotor is mounted inside the stator with a slight air gap separating it from the stator.

There is no physical connection between the rotor and the stator.

The housing protects the internal parts of the induction motor from water, dust and other environmental factors.

The degree of protection depends on the type of enclosure.

Generally, the protection level of three-phase induction motor and single-phase induction motor is IP54, IP44, and the protection grade of explosion-proof induction motor is IP65.

The outer casing is usually cast iron, the large asynchronous motor casing is welded with steel plates, and the micromotors are also cast aluminum casings.

The housing of the enclosed motor has a heat dissipation rib to increase the heat dissipation area.

The end cover of the protective motor has a venting hole for convection of the air and good heat dissipation performance. Large electric motor housing warehouse

Large electric motor housing warehouse


Induction Motor Rotor

The rotor is a rotatable conductor comprising a rotor core, a rotor winding and a rotating shaft.

  1. The rotor core is also a part of the magnetic circuit of the motor, which is made up of silicon steel sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm, and the iron core is fixed on the rotating shaft or the rotor bracket.
  2. The rotor winding is a coil group that is wound in a regular manner in the motor and is fixed inside the stator.

There are generally two types of rotor windings for AC asynchronous motors, cage rotors and wound rotors. The rotor is a rotatable conductor comprising a rotor core, a rotor winding, and a rotating shaft.

  1. The rotor core is also a part of the magnetic circuit of the motor, which is made up of silicon steel sheets with a thickness of 0.5 mm, and the iron core is fixed on the rotating shaft or the rotor bracket.
  2. The rotor winding is a coil group that is wound in a regular manner in the motor and is fixed inside the stator.

There are two types of rotor windings for AC asynchronous motors, squirrel cage rotors and wound rotors.

Types of induction motor rotors


squirrel-cage rotor

The squirrel-cage rotor structure is relatively simple.

Generally, a rotor coil made of copper or aluminum is cast in a cage-shaped groove on the rotor core.

It is a closed loop and does not physically connect with other parts.

The main function is to suppress the stator, Current. Small and medium-sized rotors are generally cast aluminum.

The induction motor of 100KW or more is welded by copper strips and copper end rings.

In order to improve the starting performance, the squirrel cage type can also be made into a deep groove rotor and a double squirrel-cage rotor to meet special needs.

There is no winding on the squirrel cage rotor, the maintenance cost is low, the manufacturer is convenient, and the service life is long.

It has a wide range of applications in many fields. wound rotor The wound rotor has a complicated structure and high price, and the control motor operation is relatively complicated.

However, the winding motor has a large running torque because of its starting and is generally used in small starting current, large starting torque, or smooth speed regulation and heavy load. squirrel cage rotor vs wound rotor

Squirrel-cage rotor VS Wound Rotor


Applications of induction motor

Induction motors are widely used in industrial and household appliances because they are self-starting, reliable and economical, More importantly, they have almost no maintenance costs.

So if you are looking for a reliable and professional electric motor manufacturer and supplier  – think of Hordu.

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Mixers
  • Lifts& Hoists
  • Cranes
  • Large capacity exhaust fans
  • Driving lathe machines
  • Crushers
  • Oil extracting mills
  • Textile and etc.

Induction motor for industrial

Induction motor for industrial

Although traditionally used in fixed-speed service, induction motors are increasingly being used with variable-frequency drives (VFDs) in variable-speed service.

VFDs offer especially important energy savings opportunities for existing and prospective induction motors in variable-torque centrifugal fan, pump, and compressor load applications.

Squirrel cage induction motors are very widely used in both fixed-speed and variable-frequency drive (VFD) applications. VFD Induction Motor Assembly for Pumps

VFD Induction Motor Assembly for Pumps

Starting methods of induction motor

There are three main ways to start the induction motor:

  1. direct start,
  2. buck start,
  3. soft start
  4. .variable frequency start.
Induction Motor type Start modestarting methods
squirrel cage induction motorDirect On Line StarterDirect self-starting at rated voltage, suitable for low-power induction motors
buck start1.Stator winding circuit series resistor or reactor start
2.Star delta switch start
3.Autotransformer step-down start
4.Extended Delta start
Three-phase wound motorRotor winding circuit in series start or resistor start

Direct On Line Starter:

It is a common way of low-power induction motor below 18.5KW, and it is directly self-starting at rated voltage.

The starting current of Induction motors is six to seven times the full load current.

According to the specified starting power of a single motor, it should not exceed 30% of the capacity of the distribution transformer.

Direct start-up features: low investment, simple equipment, simple design, although the start is fast, the starting torque is small, the current is large. Direct On Line Starter

Direct On Line Starter wiring

Buck Start: 1.Star-Delta Starter

Star-Delta Starter is preferred as a method of starting in Low starting Torque Applications.

Star-Delta Starter can reduce the starting current. IST(Y)/IST(△)=1/3, and the starting torque is also reduced to 1/3;  

Star-Delta Starter wiring

2. Autotransformer step-down start

The autotransformer step-down is to connect the high voltage side of the autotransformer to the grid and the low voltage side to the motor.

The voltage at the motor end can be adjusted freely.

After the speed rises to the rated speed, the motor is connected to the power supply and operates normally at the rated voltage.

Assuming that the voltage is 1/k of the rated voltage, the starting current is 1/k2 of the original, and the starting torque is also reduced to 1/k2.

The starting torque is larger than the star-delta step-down start, but it is not allowed to start frequently.

It is generally used for ultra-large capacity induction motors.   Auto Transformer Motor Starting

Autotransformer step-down start wiring

  3. Extended Delta starts Extended Delta start:

When the stator winding starts, it is connected to a Yanbian triangle to reduce the starting current.

After the motor is started, it is replaced by a triangle to make the motor run at full pressure.

Induction Motor HS Code

The Harmonized System is an international nomenclature for the classification of products.

It allows participating countries to classify traded goods on a common basis for customs purposes.

AC Induction motor HS Code Chart
HS CodeDescription
8501510090Others’ power output≤750W multi-phase AC induction motors
8501520000750W<output power≤75KW multi-phase AC induction motors
8501530090multi-phase AC induction motors>75KW
85014000Other ac motors, single-phase induction motor

Induction motor insulation class

Induction motor nameplate usually marked with insulation class B or F.

So what is the insulation class of the induction motor?

What is Class B insulation, Class F insulation?

Let Taizhou Hordu share with you.

The insulation grade refers to the heat resistance grade of the insulation material used inside the induction motor and is classified into Class A, Class E, Class B, Class F, and Class H.

The most common insulation class is Class B and Class F.

Mica, asbestos, glass filaments glued or impregnated are common Class B insulation materials.

According to experience, Class A materials have a life expectancy of 10 years at 105 ° C and Class B materials at 130 ° C.

However, under actual conditions, the ambient temperature and temperature rise will not reach the design value for a long time, so the general life span is 15 to 20 years.

If the operating temperature exceeds the ultimate operating temperature of the material for a long period of time, the aging of the insulation is intensified and the life is severely shortened.

Therefore, when the motor is running, the temperature is one of the main factors of life.

The specific allowable temperature rise of the motor Class B insulation, Class F insulation, etc. is as follows:

temperature  insulation classClass AClass EClass BClass FClass H
Maximum allowable temperature℃105120130155180
Winding temperature rise limit℃607580100125
Performance reference temperature℃8095100120145

Induction Motor insulation temperature class chart

Temperature rise is the temperature difference between the motor and the environment and is caused by the heat generated by the motor.

Note: In practice, after the temperature is determined, we will use a higher level of insulation to improve the life of the motor.

For example, the commonly used insulation grade is Class B motor, and the insulation material used is often Class F to ensure the stability of temperature rise. Hordu Induction Motor for Pipeline centrifugal pump

Hordu Induction Motor for Pipeline centrifugal pump

Duty Types (Load Cycle) Of Induction Motors

S1Continuous dutyThe motor runs for a sufficient amount of time under continuous load to bring the machine to thermal equilibrium.
S2Short Time dutyRunning under load for a period of time is not enough to achieve thermal equilibrium, and then there is enough time for the motor to cool down.
S3Intermittent periodic dutyA series of identical work cycles, each cycle lasting for a while, then a rest period. The heat balance was not reached during the cycle.
S4Intermittent periodic duty with startingSimilar to S3, but there is a significant starting time within the periodic operation.
S5Intermittent periodic duty with electric brakingThe order of the same work cycle – start, operate, brake and rest. Once again, the heat balance is not reached.
S6Continuous operation periodic dutyThe same duty cycle, duty cycle, no-load cycle. The difference between S1 is that the motor does not actually stop when it is running at no load.
S7Continuous operation periodic duty with electric brakingFollow S6, but with significant start and power down times. The motor runs again under no-load conditions instead of stopping.
S8Continuous operation periodic duty with related load/speed changesA series of identical repetitive duty cycles in which the motor runs at several different load levels and speeds within each cycle. There is no stop time and heat balance is not reached.
S9Duty with non-periodic load and speed variationsThe load and speed change periodically over the allowed operating range. Frequent overloading can occur.
S10Duty with discrete constant loads and speedsA load with a discrete number of load/speed combinations that remains long enough to achieve thermal equilibrium.

duty types of induction motor

Duty Types (Load Cycle) Of Induction Motors chart

Induction motor maintenance

In order to ensure the normal operation of the motor and extend the service life of the motor, the motor must be regularly maintained.

But how do you regularly maintain the motor?

What is the significance of regular maintenance of the motor?

Next, we will briefly introduce the maintenance of the motor.

How to carry out regular maintenance of the motor: Very simple, just like caring for your car, In general, small maintenance is carried out in 2-3 months, and comprehensive maintenance is carried out once a year.

  1. Motor maintenance items are:
  2. Remove dust and attached dirt from the motor surface;
  3. Clean the mesh of the motor hood to keep the air inlet and outlet open unobstructed;
  4. Measure the insulation resistance of the motor.
  5. The comprehensive maintenance project of the motor has:
  6. All items of small motor maintenance;
  7. Replace the damaged bearing; if necessary, clean the open bearing and replace the grease;
  8. Clean the internal motor to make the stator winding of the motor clean, free of oil and copper;
  9. Cleaning or replacement of other parts of the motor.

The meaning of regular maintenance of the motor:

  1. The motor runs efficiently
  2. The service life of the motor is extended
  3. The workers around the motor have better safety protection

Y2-112M-4 induction motor

Hordu Y2-112M-4 induction motor


As you can see, Hordu induction motor is important equipment in the Aggregate & Cement, food processing, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Gas and chemical industries.

However, to choose a high quality and reliable induction motor, you need to understand every aspect mentioned in this guide.

That way, you will get the best induction motor for your specific needs.

So I believe that having gone through this whole guide, you can get the three phase induction motor and single phase induction motor.

For free consultations on induction motor, contact us or send mail to directly today.