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Hordu is a premier induction motors manufacturer over ten years, our induction motors are successfully used in a wide range of fields, such as cement, oil, paper, steel or other industries. You can say, Hordu induction motors are maximum reliability to smooth drive of any machines and systems.

Induction motors also known as asynchronous motors in the IEC standard, that is a kind of AC motor convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It was invented in 1885 by Italian physicist and electrical engineer Ferraris.

Hordu Induction motors have high operating efficiency and best working characteristics, and they are close to constant speed operation from no-load to a full-load range, which can meet the transmission requirements of most industrial and agricultural production machinery.

Hordu uses the CCC, GOST, and IEC compliant accessories that guarantee particularly high efficiency, compact, robust induction motors. Hordu induction motors are qualified, as we have 18 months guarantee for the whole set, including main parts such as a terminal box, screw, and bearing, fan. The induction motors are good vibration values and low maintenance costs which excellent valued for every piece of money you paid.

Your Premier Induction Motor Supplier

Hordu induction motors can 24 hours continuously working with the toughest conditions. We assure you that our induction motors are highly efficient, reliability and long product life for your industrial equipment.

Hordu provides the full support for induction motor installation, induction motor OEM production, induction motor spare parts, and even induction motor shipping. Considerate and thoughtful sales staff, patient and meticulous after-sales, experienced and skilled engineers made hordu’s glory.

We are confident that we can offer you an attractive, suitable suggestion. For example, It is difficult for users to define the correct level of protection for a particular industrial application in their field. As a manufacturer of induction motors, we specialize in providing advice and providing the best drive solution according to your requirements.

Hordu: The Leading Induction Motor Supplier

Hordu induction motors include YX2 high efficient induction motors, aluminum induction motors, single phase induction motors, braking induction motors, gost standard induction motors. These are from 0.25KW up to 500KW meet the needs of different production equipment in different industries, let you complete the purchase in one stop.

Hordu not only make induction motors for you, we also do technical support for you if you are facing any problem in your plant, such as spare parts damaged, but motor also doesn’t run, overheating, we can help you solve all these problems, our powerful engineer teams serve you 7*24*365.

Hordu has enough induction motor manufacturing experience to support your business. Let our robust, efficient and durable induction motors improve the production level or importing business. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!.