• explosion proof induction motor

Explosion Proof Induction Motor

Hordu Explosion proof induction motor is a kind of three-phase asynchronous motor with EX mark and a fully enclosed fan cooling.

The explosion-proof induction motor can be used in flammable and explosive places.

Zone 1 is a piece of cake to be installed for Hordu explosion-proof induction motors, and the explosion-proof motor for Zone 1 is a flameproof design which also can be used in Zone 2.

Only the Intrinsically safe explosion-proof motor can be installed in Zone 0 for now.

Hordu Explosion proof induction motors are mainly used in coal, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Also, it is widely used in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper, medicine, and other departments.

Chemical Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Forest Products Industry

Water & Waste Water Industry

Explosive atmosphere environments





Gear Reducers

Packaging Details: Strong cartons with foams inside, or plywood case

Delivery Detail: 15-30 working days after payment

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Hordu Industry Motor: The Complete Guide

Hordu has been manufacturing explosion-proof induction motor for almost two decades.

The explosion-proof induction motor produced by Hordu adopts 155 (F) class insulation, and the winding temperature rise (resistance method) is evaluated according to 80K, and the protection degree of the casing is IP55.

The cooling method is IC411, and the working mode is S1 continuous.

Hordu Explosion proof Induction motors are the main drive equipment also commonly used to drive pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, crushers, conveyor systems, factories, cranes and other transmission machinery in other applications.

Hordu can manufacture explosion proof induction motors according to IEC 60079-1 with B3, B5, B35, B34, B14 Common installation method, and more special ones.

provides explosion proof induction motors from 0.25KW to 225KW, poles 2 to 8, frequency 50Hz, coolant temperature set to 40, altitude 1000 m available.

Over the years Hordu has accumulated a good amount of experience manufacturing as well as acquiring the high quality of explosion induction motors.

Therefore, just tell us your requirements or propose your application and our 7*24 support team and engineers can help you find the most appropriate explosion-proof induction motor for your application.