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Hordu has manufactured AC motors since 2000, our Main production base is located in Wenling Zhejiang, China. Our AC motors are proved by worldwide industrial plant operators in the cement, paper, steel or other industries.

Hordu AC motor is mainly composed of a stator winding and a rotor of an electromagnet winding that generates a magnetic field and uses alternating current to excite and generate a magnetic field to convert the electric energy of the alternating current into mechanical energy.

Hordu AC motors have become the most commonly used electric motors with the tremendous development of AC power systems. According to the structure of the AC motor, it is mainly divided into two types: synchronous ac motor and asynchronous ac motor. It can also be divided into single-phase AC motor and three-phase AC motors by the type of power supply.

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Hordu AC motors are available in kind of standards motor cooling(C411、IC416、IC611、IC616) and protection types (IP54, IP55 and etc.) from 0.25KW- 315KW.

This meets most of the needs of industrial applications. Our AC motors run in a wide range of field all over the worlds, such as oil, gas, paper, chemicals, cement, and steel, drive eg. large pumps, mills, gearboxes or fans.

AC motors are simple in structure than DC motors, easy to manufacture, and relatively robust, making it easy to make motors with high speed, high voltage, high current, and large capacity. AC motor power covers a wide range, from a few watts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts, or even millions of kilowatts.

AC motors are generally classified into alternators, AC motors, and synchronous cameras according to their functions. The working state of the AC motor is reversible, and the same motor can be used as both a generator and an electric motor.

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AC motors generally use three-phase system, because three-phase AC motors have obvious advantages in terms of performance indicators, raw material utilization and price compared with single-phase motors.

For example, three-phase motors of the same power have a self-starting capability.

Smaller than single-phase motors, lightweight, and low price. Single-phase motors need to be started with the help of a starting capacitor.

The torque of a single-phase motor is pulsating and the noise is relatively large, but the required power supply is relatively simple, especially in the home.

Therefore, single-phase motors are often used for small household motors and instrument motors.

You will find a detailed description of AC motors on the following pages. If you are looking for AC  motors, please feel free to contact us.

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